a s h l e y (monkiemuffin85) wrote,
a s h l e y

yea i'm no longer going to have this lj
it's shut down
it's too annoying to update and myspace is better
tootles, it was fun
thanks for a great 2 years

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    R.I.P. all the victims of the 9/11 accident i just watched something on tv about it--a renactment of one of the planes and it just made me so sad

  • (no subject)

    alright, disregard that last entry i was being a bitch and i had a lot of frustration sorry i whined so much

  • (no subject)

    mother fucker, i am sooo pissed off yea i really love being in this play and having a lead role, but i just got the schedule until the end, and i…

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